Javad Daraei

Javad Daraei, an Iranian director and filmmaker, was born in Khorramabad in 1992. After high school, he became interested in cinema and went to the University of Tehran, where he began filming as a student in 2016. His first two short films, I don’t like her (2016) and Limit (2017), were screened at festivals around the world. Daraei’s films have screened at several Academy-qualifying festivals, He does most of his filmmaking alone, including screenwriting, directing, cinematography, editing, and color correction, and he has won international awards in all sectors. He believes filmmakers should produce the best film at the lowest cost and learn all the parts of filmmaking professionally, and doesn’t wait for the big investor. His first feature film, Metamorphosis in the Slaughterhouse, came out in 2021 and will be screened around the world.

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